Exploring the applications and implications of emerging technology for policy and society

In the Tech + Narrative Lab (TNL) @ Pardee RAND Graduate School, policy analysts can apply new and emerging technologies to study policy problems and create novel policy solutions, as well as understand the policy implications of new and emerging technologies.


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Things that are interesting and what we think/do about them


air quality in VR


unintended consequences

welburn - 1

cloud failure

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a bug’s life

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Putting the “I” in Teams

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global quieting

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careful on the tower

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revisionist history

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2nd order effects


sewer warning system


Foundations of Systemic Risk

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sharing virtual spaces

areas of interest – the intersection of tech and policy

Internet of Things (IoT)

devices talk to devices talk to algorithms and back

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML)

algorithms do more - will humans do less?

Augmented - Virtual - Mixed Realities

the real world is no longer just the physical things around us

Digital Gaming

learning through play and new ways to interact and contextualize