CES 2020

Well, January is here and that means a couple of things. First is that you need to stop writing 2019 on your checks (assuming you actually write checks any more). And more importantly for the geeks in the world, it is time for all tech companies to descend on Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show. In 2016 I was at CES in the IEEE booth, showing some VR capabilities.

As we careen into a new decade, there will of course be the usual TVs and various electronic gadgets. But the Internet of Things (IoT) explosion is really starting to take hold, and the sea change is a move from what used to be enterprise technology capabilities into the hands of individuals and homes. Not very long ago, the thought of voice-controlled devices, connected appliances, and remote device interaction required a team of tech folks and programmers. Now people have their own clouds, their own set of IoT capabilities, and the work – well, mostly.

As the show progresses we’ll highlight some things that are either important or just downright quirky. Because…CES.

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