TNL Conclave: Design of Theme Park Experiences

Don Carson is technically an “Art Director and Designer in the theme park, video game, virtual world, and live events industries”, but he summarizes his goal in each of these domains as working to “tell a story through the experience of traveling through a real, or imagined physical space.”  His all-encompassing desire for any computer game play or themed attraction is this that it takes the person to a place that lets them…

  • go somewhere they could never go
  • be someone they could never be
  • do things they could never do

He calls this “Environmental Storytelling” and has developed a set of practices that support the process of building environments that persuasively infuse the story into a physical or virtual space.  This has naturally evolved into building 3D, immersive environments and his most recent move to work as Art Director at a cutting edge AR/VR game studio called Mighty Coconut.  More information on Don can be found at his website and in an article he wrote for Game Developer:


Jan 14 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


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