If Mother Teresa had a social media account…

While this comes from the world of golf, there is some broader sage advice about social media engagement. In particular I appreciated this quote from David Winkle, who is a sports agent:

“If Mother Teresa had an Instagram,” Winkle said, “even she would be abused by a sick few. No one is immune to creepy social-media trolls who just can’t wait to pounce, and have their own issues and axes to grind. There’s so much toxicity out there, based in jealousy or wrongful perception, and they can’t wait to tear you down.”

David Winkle, from Shane Ryan piece at golfdigest.com

The article has some interesting examples and advice that I can boil down to one thought: don’t read the comments. Of course this runs somewhat counter to the whole point of social media, but sometimes survival is more important than any imagined rules.

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