Make it by making it…

via Todd Richmond

An interesting piece on the 50th anniversary of the film, “The Godfather,” and Francis Ford Coppola’s efforts to restore the film. One particularly resonating quote from Coppola:

Coppola, now 82, said he never tired of scrutinizing of the film. But naturally any time he spends reflecting on “The Godfather” brings back a range of emotions and memories — the pain of its fraught production and the pride of its runaway success. “You have to understand, as a filmmaker, I didn’t really know how to make ‘The Godfather,’” he said. “I learned how to make ‘The Godfather’ making it.”

Innovation is a hot topic, and clearly Coppola’s film was ground-breaking. His quote epitomizes a core philosophy of the TNL, and something that is central to innovation:

If you’re working on something truly innovative, you don’t know what a right answer looks like. While one can sit and contemplate one’s navel, hoping to figure it out, Coppola’s quote points to a different path – you learn how to do something by doing it. In our parlance, rapid prototyping is a method for exploring the unknown and slowly learning what doesn’t work, and what could be a path to a “right answer.”

The concept of the right answer vs a right answer is a topic for another day (short story – there probably is more than one path and viable outcome).

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