“My friends call me Murphy. You call me… robodog?”

via Eddie López

As referenced by the title, we have some strange things happening with the police force…and this flavor of weirdness in particular comes not as a robo cop, but a robodog. As depicted in this New York Post article, it seems that robotic dogs have entered into the police force. The reasoning? Police safety.

The author claims that these 70-pound animatronics may indeed be the future of nonlethal crimefighting. Think about it; what if instead we sent non-lethal robots first into hostile situations instead of cops? Could we not save lives? Maybe even deescalate violence by having a non-lethal actor enter the house first?

Currently, it seems like there has been a lot of push back against such an idea, with both social media and politicians having spoken out on it in the past. Indeed, it gives many Black Mirror vibes… but if the police officers have a warrant and it lowers the potential loss of life… could it really be that bad? I guess we will have to see how it all plays out…

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