“not found” – a future without equity or ethics

An interesting Verge piece on web3 and the future of the internet. Interesting in that the long podcast/article didn’t have a single mention of ethics or equity issues. Perhaps we shouldn’t expect VC firms to concern themselves with such things. After all, they are driving innovation while making money for investors. Then again, if they aren’t talking about equity and ethics, then the technologies and companies they are funding aren’t taking equity and ethics into consideration during the development and deployment, and suddenly web3 looks a lot like web2.

To be frank, web3 has to do better. To continue to proliferate technology platforms that have serious equity and ethical issues is unsustainable. Short-term gains at the expense of those left behind – again. This is why the concept of Equitable Interfaces/Ethical Experiences (EI/EX) is so critical. The digital divide needs bridges, not deepening. And “solutions” need to be sustainable rather than a quick financial return then exit.

“not found”

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