The Ethics and Equity of Prescribed Burns

Over the summer, the Tech + Narrative Lab took on a summer sprint project on the ethics and equity of prescribed burns in California. The goal of the research team was to explore the current objectives, policies, and barriers for prescribed burns in California, but also which communities are most likely to be harmed by the approach and how those harmed could be included in the decision-making process and mitigate harm.

The team conducted a literature review, interviews with stakeholders, a system map, and equity analysis to answer these questions. Their full endeavors are compiled in an ArcGIS StoryMap available here. The story contains links to Miro storyboards mapping the broader system, stakeholder groups, and objectives; a data-approach to understand precariousness leveraging Esri’s Living Atlas; a walk-through of several overarching findings and case studies; the team’s ethical framework; and an equity checklist that can be leveraged by prescribed burn decisionmakers to ensure equity and inclusion in their decision to prescribe fire.

Explore the story to learn more about the ethics and equity of prescribed burns in California!

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