TNL media


Emerging in Perpetuity Ep 01 (2030)

EiP episode 1 –

Set in 2030, this podcast series explores the implications of emerging tech for society. By using a future lens, can we better assess decisions being made today?

EiP episode 2 – The Gig Economy

Episode 2 dives into the details of the gig economy extended broadly across society.

EiP episode 3 – Competition and Monopolies

Episode 3 looks at issue around large tech – is too big too big?

Sleigh Bells of Death (2005)

Musings on the deeper meanings of sleigh bells in Steely Dan songs.


TNL Profiles (2021 - )

Short videos giving a glimpse of the people behind the work in the TNL.

TNL Conclave series (2020 - )

The TNL Conclave series is a bi-weekly meeting to explore work-in-progress and/or interesting topics or concepts.

Robotics overview (2020)

Introductory video for a basic robotics workshop series. Aaron Lucas (TNL lab tech and narrator) competes on Battlebots.