chatting – today is yesterday’s tomorrow today

ChatGPT is getting a lot of press, and actually for good reason. It is pretty damn good at certain generative tasks. I asked it to write a short radio play about a true crime in Los Angeles – and it created a piece on the Black Dahlia murder George Model. I asked it to write a country song about drinking beer and losing my wife. And it did a reasonable job. So is ChatGPT coming for your job? Maybe. Do your own test: if you’ve been asked to write up something – commentary, analysis, creative – give ChatGPT an appropriate prompt and see what you get.

Beyond that, two interesting articles on In the spirit of yin/yang:

postive: 10 coolest things you can do with ChatGPT

not-so-positive: 10 dangerous things ChatGPT is capable of

Like any emerging technology, these generative AI capabilities (ChatGPT for text, DALL-E and Lensa for images) will be dual use. How the percentage break down will be up to humans and coherent policy/regulation. Time will tell if we sort that angle out as fast as the algorithms improve and extend their reach.

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