TNL Conclave: Dark Data – Implications of future Massive IoT (MIoT) and Untapped Data

Presenter: Padmaja Vedula

A 2019 report by Splunk on the Dark Data states that about “55% of an organization’s data is ‘dark’” – i.e. it is ”unqualified and untapped”. With the advent of 5G and other supporting infrastructure, it is predicted that the number of IoT and sensors devices connecting to any organization’s networks would increase exponentially, one estimate predicting a 3-fold increase in the next 5 years, leading to the term massive IoT (MIoT). This would only add more untapped and unregulated data as devices, sensors register continuous streams of data and information. In addition, in many cases organizations do not really have a complete picture or even a way to build a complete picture of all the devices connecting to/those that are on their network.  This presentation elaborated on this issue both in terms of security of data and also what it might mean for future AI potential and needs.

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