disinformation on disinformation – the need for narrative red teaming

via todd richmond

A fascinating story of the rapid rise and fall of the DHS Disinformation Governance Board leader Nina Jankowicz. The story is becoming all too familiar – a disinformation narrative takes hold, a lightning rod is named, and the storm begins in earnest. In this case leading to DHS to pass the Board and Jankowicz to resign. Key to this story is this bit:

Why was the board’s purpose so poorly communicated?

I think DHS had other priorities at the time the rollout was happening. They didn’t anticipate this fierce backlash and weren’t able to mount a transparent, open, rapid response when these criticisms came down the pike.

I wish it went differently. And I definitely think that the information vacuum that we created allowed people to fill in the blanks. It frankly showed exactly how disinformation campaigns work.

Nina Jankowicz

If this isn’t a call for Narrative Red Teaming, I’m not sure what is. All the more reason the lab is pivoting to a grand challenge on disinformation, with a sub-focus on NRT.

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