Social Media in Conflict Zones – more HK

Contrasting pro-police sentiment against anti-police sentiment

This chart tracks the number of distinct users posting keywords that express criticism of the Hong Kong police force (specifically ‘Police Corruption’) against the number of distinct users posting keywords that express support for the Hong Kong police force. It illustrates a backlash against the Hong Kong police building as they used force against protestors or stood by while protestors were attacked, followed by a counter reaction as more aggressive actions by the protestors (such as the occupation of universities in Hong Kong) and the arrival of the COVID-19 virus increased sympathy for the police. (Note: anti-police sentiment may be under-counted here since we are not including all protest-related keywords, only ones specifically exhibiting negative sentiments towards the police, primarily ‘police corruption’).

Team: Wing Chan, James Ryseff, Omair Khan, Luke Mathews

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