thoughts about cephalopod mollusks

via Todd Richmond

Perhaps not your typical technology-focused title, but this is about some broader issues. Two references to ponder; the first is a study on cuttlefish showing that they pass the “marshmallow test“. Basically, it appears that cuttlefish are able to understand and act upon delayed gratification. Just like young children (at least when they get old enough).

Second isn’t a scientific study, but rather a documentary film. My Octopus Teacher is about the relationship between a man and an octopus.

With all the rhetoric flying around these days, it can be hard to remember that there is more on the planet that liberals and conservatives. We often ignore what natures attempts to teach, and invariably that is at our peril. From octopi to viruses, there is still much to be learned. As the Zen koan says, we need to “empty our cup” to make room for more knowledge and hopefully, wisdom.

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