Can AI help us understand what it means to be human?

via Eddie López

I got this commercial over the weekend when loading a YouTube video… and wow. Mine was an abbreviated, 30-second version, but even then, I have to say it was so powerful.

The synopsis? Meet a hungry girl, constructed by AI “from [the] faces of the 1 in 7 American children who struggle with hunger.” And yes, there are definitely shots in the video where you can tell that the girl is not “normal” / not real, but I think that is beside the point.

I found this video to be powerful because it found a way to take such a large problem and give it a face. Beyond that, that face is not simply any face, but a conglomeration of so many faces, and so many people, and so many stories all wrapped into one being. Maybe better said, it is not a face of hunger in America, but the face of hunger in America… and I love that. That ability to do so is so SO cool.

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