VR taking people back in time…

via Eddie López

While time travel itself is currently unattainable, there may still be a way to enter into the past. Believe it or not, that process has begun in Kansas City, MO.

As described by Laura Spencer in this NPR article, the National WWI Museum and Memorial is attempting to do just that with VR. Under the title “War Remains,” the museum allows visitors one at a time into a 25 by 25-foot room exhibit, offering visitors a taste of the trench warfare experience.

For me personally, I love this kind of innovation, because it offers users such unique perspectives without having to live through it. Furthermore, I like that the idea of closing the civilian-military gap, and giving civilians the opportunity to see what is potentially at stake. Especially with how our Constitution is constructed, with the military always being subservient to their civilian counterpart, I find this experience to be crucial. Closing that gap means more appropriate policy for military members, as congressmen and women can have a greater understanding of the weight of their decisions when crafting military policy.

Happy Memorial Day, one and all.

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