When medical care is only one drone away…

via Eddie López

In this continued documentation of medical delivering drones, the United Nations reports that Botswana is now using drones to help prevent maternal deaths. Currently, this comes in the form of blood transport, and should hopefully reduce the 2019 reported statistic of 166 deaths per 100,000 births in Botswana (which is double the average for upper-middle-income countries).  

I personally find this article helpful with regards to tech-optimism: the idea that tech will provide more pros than cons. If anything, please remember reader that tech is only as good as its user. Thus, while there may be cause for concern (such as this article describing an autonomized weaponized drone that was targeting a human last year), technology can still do good. Tech can still create positive change like this lifesaving medical care described above. We just need the corresponding tech policy to guide it.

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