Instagram now flags manipulated images

As reported by PetaPixel, Instagram is now using a combination of AI and humans to flag manipulated images. Photoshop has been a verb for quite some time, but the move into the “post-evidence” world, the issue of provenance is rapidly becoming a challenge. Since PetaPixel is a photography-focused site, they highlight that there is a whole genre of photography that is heavily dependent on manipulation. While Instagram is trying to identify fake news, art ends up being collateral damage.

This is another part of the puzzle and evidence that when we’re talking about emerging technology and policy, we need a broader set of perspectives in the process (i.e. artists). Instagram’s decision and implementation was driven by good intentions, but without some other populations asking, “what if…”, we get unintended consequences. In this case perhaps not a life-death implication, but at some point the stakes will be high.

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