TNL Conclave: Use-of-Force in Policing Across the USA

Dissatisfaction on use of lethal force in US Policing has sparked a wave of civil unrest across the country and the world. The Black Lives Matter movement has sought to bring these issues to the limelight over the last few years. Our goal today is to examine the underlying issues from a policy research perspective. We want to examine the roots of these issues and the mechanisms by which these issues persist. And most crucially, we aim to highlight what the current research says on effective interventions and remaining open policy questions.

To do this we have convened a panel of researchers in the criminal justice field:

– Meagan Cahill

– Melissa Labriola

– Kristin Warren

– Dic Donohue

TNL disclaimer: this work represents experimental, exploratory, and often in-progress or preliminary efforts. One goal of the TNL is to get interesting approaches, topics, and concepts discussed and presented quickly. This work has not been peer-reviewed and is not an official RAND publication. No warranties implied or expressed, your mileage may vary, enter as often as you like.

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