VR for The New Yorker from China and The Chinese Emissary from New York

via Tim Marler

Applications for VR and AR are increasing.  Both have grown from development and use in the entertainment industry and are now seeing expanding “serious” use.  Perhaps the most frequent applications in this regard are training and education, and many more are following.  X-Plora has recently released an AR app for enhancing travel experiences, but perhaps applications like this could play a much more significant role.


The X-Plora AR app allows users to see complete virtual castles and monuments where currently there may be only ruins.  It can bring ancient soldiers and rulers to current scenery.  In addition, VR has been used in the form of 360-degree videos or even more advanced immersive forms for high tech brochures that help would-be travelers decide where to go.

These applications then fostered discussions of having VR actually replace travel altogether.


A significant benefit of travel is not just seeing new places but also understanding new cultures.  Arguably, travel helps combat discrimination.  VR and AR could do the same.  The capabilities that have grown in response to demand in the travel industry could be useful in the training sector, helping to inform users about new cultures.  What is like to walk around Bejing, and how is that different form New York City?  How does it sound?  How do people value space differently?  Where should you look without seeming rude?  Perhaps VR and AR could help improve understanding of that New Yorker from China or that Chinese emissary from New York.

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