AI in EU

via Todd Richmond

Regulation of emerging technology (and the companies that create them) is a hot topic these days, but often there is a lot of talk and little action. The US has ongoing hearings at the Federal level but these feel more like theater than policy. The EU has been decidedly more action-oriented, with their privacy regulations leading the way.

The EU is taking on another big challenge on the horizon (well, actually here now) – AI and associated capabilities like facial recognition, deep fakes, and the like. This NYT piece discusses the efforts to limit uses of AI/ML, and the 108-page document lays out the initial strategy.

Cities in the US have moved to place limitations on facial recognition use in certain circumstances. Broader state or local regulation in the US is likely not going to happen in the immediate future, and even the EU limitations have exceptions and will take years to put in place. But these are conversations that need to happen. The question is, will the policies created be lagging so far behind the technical advantages that they are irrelevant by the time they are implemented? Time will tell.

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