would you pay for a video clip you can watch free on YouTube?

via Eddie López

As many of you have probably heard, blockchain has been expanding into all sorts of spaces. We see it in bitcoin. We see it in other cryptocurrencies. We see it in the explosion of NFTs. We see it in… the NBA??

The idea follows the current trend around NFT art: create the visual, and then use blockchain to ensure that it can never be replicated. This idea has played out across all kinds of media in recent weeks, and now, the NBA has joined the party with virtual trading cards coined “moments”… and the idea is already lifting off. One has to look no further than this Lebron James moment: a dunk against the Sacramento Kings that was sold for $208,000.

Now will this phenomenon last? That has yet to be seen… but nevertheless, it is cool to see how something like blockchain is expanding everywhere. Just another allusion to the TNL motto that “technology matters”…

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