XR Can Help Tell the Important Stories

via Tim Marler

“Write the story, take out all the good lines, and see if it still works.”  Perhaps VR and AR are just the good lines in Hemmingway’s advice; the story remains a singular art form that need not be dressed up.  However, VR and AR, and immersive environments in general, are increasingly serving not just to entertain or train, but to tell important stories.  Users should view AR and VR not just as emerging technologies but as powerful tools to tell stories, whether those stories concern an inspiring event or complex data.  Public policy and the analysis that supports it can be complex, and the more effective tools there are to tell the story, the better.

In a recent report the VR/AR Association summarizes various companies involved in the XR storytelling industry sector:


These companies can provide serious partners and expertise for deploying and explaining complex analysis and public policy.  They should viewed in this light.

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